How do I sign up for Playing in the Past (PITP) events?

In order to watch PITP live broadcasts you need to visit https://www.twitch.tv/mutey_ at the specified broadcast time. And that’s it! You can watch without making an account.

Making a Twitch account

If you would like to take part in the chat discussions, get email when the channel is going live, or follow, donate or subscribe to the channel to support our work, then you will need to make an account. Making an account is free, you just need an email address to register and to create a username and password. Instructions on how to sign up are here: https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/creating-an-account-with-twitch?language=en_US

When can I watch?

The launch event took place on the 15th September from 15.00 BST to 17.00 BST. The recorded broadcast is available in two sequences here, along with a shorter highlight clip.

Plans for 4-5 more broadcasts are in the works and will begin early 2021. Join us then!

What will events be like?

Events following the launch event will always begin at 15.00 BST and dates will be advertised at least 2 weeks before the intended event. All subsequent events will follow our ‘lecture-tour-explore,’ format. This will mean a 20 minute talk on the subject, a 20 minute tour to showcase what was discussed in the lecture and a 20 minute ‘free’ explore where viewers are encourage to ask questions and to direct us to explore the things you are most interested in.

To best facilitate this we will hold a series of polls so you can vote on what you’d like us to focus on!

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