About Us

Leading the Project:

Gemma ‘Mutey’ Renshaw is a UK based PhD student and museum collection management professional.

Her main interests are ancient Egypt, history of Egyptology and archaeology, museum collections and the reception and visualisation of ancient cultures. How do people understand, learn about and interact with history and archaeology? How do different interpretations of past societies influence our current receptions of them?

What does ‘Mutey’ mean? Gemma is also a long-time gaming enthusiast – both for digital games and board games. Her favoured in-game username was the ancient Egyptian name Mutemwia – naturally, most people were unfamiliar with this name and started calling her ‘Mutey’ for short. It stuck.

In Collaboration with:

Chris Naunton

Kate Sheppard

Chris is a freelance Egyptologist, writer and broadcaster. He has written two books and made many appearances on TV shows featuring ancient Egypt. Check out his work at www.chrisnaunton.com

Kate is a Historian of Science based at Missouri University of Science and Technology where she is Associate Professor. You can find details of Kate’s work here.

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